Hello Muscat Programming Bootcamp

[Harbour.Space University](https://harbour.space/) in collaboration with Moscow Workshops ICPC will host the 1st "Hello Muscat" Pre - Finals ICPC Programming Bootcamp in Oman. - Date: Mar 9 - Mar 15, 2019 - Location: Muscat in Oman - Participation Fee: 1270 Euro per person - Early bird 15% discounts available for registrations by December 15, 2018 - Loyalty Discount 20% - Fee includes training, lectures, half board and accommodation, as well as the leisure and entertainment. - Language: English - Register to attend: [website](https://in.harbour.space/icpc/icpc-hello-muscat-bootcamp-2019/?utm_source=atcoder) The world's best coaches, including Andrey Stankevich, Mike Mirzayanov, Gleb Evstropov and Michel Tikhomirov will be attending. Look forward to seeing you in Oman!