AtCoder Race Ranking and AtCoder World Tour Finals

AtCoder will start Race Ranking from 2018. If you participate in designated contests (mainly rated contests without rating upper bounds, details will be announced before each contest) and get into top 30, you will be awarded GP30 scores (see the table below). AtCoder users will be ranked based on the sum of GP30 scores they get in 2018. The top 8 of Race Ranking (except for people under 18) will be invited to AtCoder World Tour Finals. In case of tie, the one with higher rating will qualify. AtCoder World Tour Finals is an onsite contest held in Japan, most probably in February or March in 2019. We will cover flights and hotels. GP30 Score Table <table border="1"> <tr align="center"><td>Rank</td><td>Score</td></tr> <tr align="center"><td>1</td><td>100</td></tr> <tr align="center"><td>2</td><td>75</td></tr> <tr align="center"><td>3</td><td>60</td></tr> <tr align="center"><td>4</td><td>50</td></tr> <tr align="center"><td>5</td><td>45</td></tr> <tr align="center"><td>6</td><td>40</td></tr> <tr align="center"><td>7</td><td>36</td></tr> <tr align="center"><td>8</td><td>32</td></tr> <tr align="center"><td>9</td><td>29</td></tr> <tr align="center"><td>10</td><td>26</td></tr> <tr align="center"><td>11</td><td>24</td></tr> <tr align="center"><td>12</td><td>22</td></tr> <tr align="center"><td>13</td><td>20</td></tr> <tr align="center"><td>14</td><td>18</td></tr> <tr align="center"><td>15</td><td>16</td></tr> <tr align="center"><td>16</td><td>15</td></tr> <tr align="center"><td>17</td><td>14</td></tr> <tr align="center"><td>:</td><td>:</td></tr> <tr align="center"><td>30</td><td>1</td></tr> </table> <font color="red">UPD (Jan 13th)</font> - The total GP30 score will be modified a bit in case you write problems for AtCoder. If there are X contests (with GP30 scores) in total in 2018, you write Y of them (entirely or partially), and you get S points in the remaining X-Y contests, your total score will be modified to S / (X - Y) * X. This rule won't be applied for testers. - In case of tie, the average score will be used. For example, if three people are tied at the first place, each of them will get (100 + 75 + 60) / 3 points. - Before each contest with GP30 scores, we will mention it in the contest announcement. - In case an onsite contest have a parallel round, we will "merge" those two standings and then compute the GP30 scores. - In case of tie at the 8th place, the person with higher rating as of Dec 31st, 2018 will qualify. In case even the ratings are the same, everyone tied at the 8th place (with points and ratings) will qualify.