10th Asprova Programming Contest(AtCoder Heuristic Contest 023) Announcement

We will hold <a href="https://atcoder.jp/contests/ahc023">10th Asprova Programming Contest(AtCoder Heuristic Contest 023)</a>. - Contest URL: https://atcoder.jp/contests/ahc023 - Start Time: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20230903T1000&p1=248 - Duration: 7 days - Writer/Tester: <a href="/users/c7c7" class="username"><span class="user-red">c7c7</span></a>, <a href="/users/iaNTU" class="username"><span class="user-orange">iaNTU</span></a>, <a href="/users/kozima" class="username"><span class="user-orange">kozima</span></a>, <a href="/users/niuez" class="username"><span class="user-yellow">niuez</span></a>, and several others - Rated range: All (Heuristic Rating) The goal of AHC is to create a better solution to a problem for which it is difficult to find the optimal solution. We are looking forward to your participation!