Japan Alumni Group Summer Camp 2018 Day 2

参加対象: All Rated対象: - ペナルティ: 20分

  • You can practice here: http://practice.contest.atcoder.jp/
  • For participants of petrozavodsk camp (2018 w): Please don't join (view : Codeforces Link)
  • Important notes

  • You can join as a team (up to 3 members), but it isn't allowed to use more than one computers for coding. (You can only use other computers to view problem statements, submitted source, or your library) .
  • You can not browse the internet (except this contest site), or copy-paste the code snippets.
  • First 3 problems are easiest in this set (in our opinion), and other problems are randomly shuffled.
  • Penalty is ICPC Rule(Sum of AC time + 20min * WA), all problems have same point, 100pt.
  • The standings will be frozen 60 minutes before the end of the contest.
  • Important notes(In japanese)

  • 問題文は英語です。質問も英語で書いてください。
  • コーディング用PCはチームで1台までです
  • インターネット検索,ライブラリのコピペは駄目です
  • 最初の3つの問題がこのセットで一番簡単な3問だと思っています。その他はランダムです
  • 終了1時間前に順位表が凍結されます