Toyota Programming Contest 2023 Spring Qual B(AtCoder Beginner Contest 290) Announcement

We will hold <a href="">Toyota Programming Contest 2023 Spring Qual B(AtCoder Beginner Contest 290)</a>. - Contest URL: - Start Time: - Duration: 100 minutes - Number of Tasks: 8 - Writer: <img src="//"> <a href="/users/yuto1115" class="username"><span class="user-red">yuto1115</span></a>, <a href="/users/physics0523" class="username"><span class="user-orange">physics0523</span></a>, <a href="/users/PCTprobability" class="username"><span class="user-orange">PCTprobability</span></a>, <a href="/users/m_99" class="username"><span class="user-orange">m_99</span></a> - Tester: <a href="/users/m_99" class="username"><span class="user-orange">m_99</span></a>, <a href="/users/leaf1415" class="username"><span class="user-orange">leaf1415</span></a> - Rated range: ~ 1999 The point values will be 100-200-300-400-500-500-600-600. Since this contest is used as a qualification round for a local contest, the problems are adjusted accordingly. For the style / difficulty of problems, please refer to <a href="">Qual A</a>. We are looking forward to your participation!