RECRUIT Nihonbashi Half Marathon 2022 Summer(AHC013) Announcement

We will hold <a href="">RECRUIT Nihonbashi Half Marathon 2022 Summer(AHC013)</a>. - Contest URL: - Start Time: - Duration: 1 week - Staff: <a href="" class="username user-blue"><span class="user-blue">dpforest</span></a>, <a href="" class="username user-yellow"><span class="user-yellow">eha</span></a>, <a href="" class="username user-red"><span class="user-red">japlj</span></a>, <a href="" class="username user-blue"><span class="user-blue">roiti</span></a>, <a href="" class="username user-cyan"><span class="user-cyan">shichinomiya</span></a>, <a href="" class="username user-yellow"><span class="user-yellow">shiratty8</span></a>, <a href="" class="username"><span style="color:#C06000;">sugim48</span></a>, <a href="" class="username user-blue"><span class="user-blue">suzume</span></a>, <a href="" class="username user-orange"><span class="user-orange">TangentDay</span></a>, <a href="" class="username user-cyan"><span class="user-cyan">Ti11192916</span></a>, <a href="" class="username user-red"><span class="user-red">tomerun</span></a>, <a href="" class="username user-yellow"><span class="user-yellow">yupiteru</span></a>, <a href="" class="username user-cyan"><span class="user-cyan">yusk</span></a> - Rated range: All (Heuristic Rating) Nihonbashi Half Marathon is a programming contest held by Recruit Co., Ltd.. This contest is <b>rated for AHC rating</b>. The goal of AHC is to create a better solution to a problem for which it is difficult to find the optimal solution. We are looking forward to your participation!