Reappearance of ARC

We will restart AtCoder Regular Contests in the following format: - 6 tasks - Duration: 100 or 120 minutes - Standard scores: - A: 100 or 200 points - B: 300 or 400 points - C: 500 points - D: 600 points - E: 700 points - F: 800 or 900 points (Depending on the tasks we have, sometimes the scores may be out of the bounds mentioned in the table above.) Formerly, ARC's $X$-point problems ($100 \leq X \leq 500$) were supposed to be harder than ABC's $X$-point problems. Now, we will standardize the scores, and new ARC's $X$-point problems will be as easy as ABC's $X$-point problems. However, the characteristics of problems may be different (ARC's problems will be more ad-hoc than ABC's). For AGCs, we won't change the scorings, so AGC's $X$-point problems will be harder than that of ARC/ABC's (just like now).