AtCoder Grand Contest 032 Announcement

We will hold <a href="">AtCoder Grand Contest 032</a>. This contest counts for GP30 scores. - Time (YY-MM-DD): <a href='' target='blank'><time class='fixtime fixtime-full'>2019-03-23 22:00:00+0900</time></a> (localtime) (Note that this is not the usual time) - Duration: 110 minutes - Number of Tasks: 6 - writer:<img src='//'> <a href='/users/sugim48' class='username'><span style='color:#C06000;'>sugim48</span></a>, <a href='/users/camypaper' class='username'><span class='user-orange'>camypaper</span></a> - Rated range: All The point values will be announced later. We are looking forward to your participation!