AtCoder Rating System

The ratings were updated last Sunday, but it turned out that in the old rating system the ratings changed too much in a single contest. We changed the rating formula to fix this issue, and now the rating is calculated based on the new system. In AtCoder, when you participate in only a few contests your rating is much lower than your actual strength (so don't worry even if your current rating is very low). You need to participate in at least 10 contests in order to get accurate rating. We will publish the rating formula in the near future. Here is the table of colors: |Rating|Color| |:--:|:--:| |3600-3999|???| |3200-3599|???| |2800-3199|<span class="user-red">Red</span>| |2400-2799|<span class="user-orange">Orange</span>| |2000-2399|<span class="user-yellow">Yellow</span>| |1600-1999|<span class="user-blue">Blue</span>| |1200-1599|<span class="user-cyan">Cyan</span>| |800-1199|<span class="user-green">Green</span>| |400-799|<span class="user-brown">Brown</span>| |0-399|<span class="user-gray">Gray</span>|