Welcome to AtCoder!

Hello! I'm <a href="/user/rng_58" class="username"><span class="user-admin">rng_58</span></a>. I'm the contest manager in AtCoder. AtCoder is a programming contest website based in Japan. From this weekend, we will provide problem statements in both English and Japanese and AtCoder will be an international programming competition! There are three types of official contests in AtCoder: - AtCoder Grand Contest (AGC). This is our best contest. The problems will have high originality and require interesting observations. - AtCoder Regular Contest (ARC). The problems may be a bit typical compared to AGC problems, but still we think most of you can enjoy them and they are good for practice. - AtCoder Beginner Contest (ABC). This is mainly targeted for those who are new to competitive programming. The problems will be easy and educational. Usually, our contests will be held at 21:00 (JST) on Saturday. We are planning to hold AGC about twice a month, and in other weeks we will hold both ARC and ABC (you can choose in which contest to participate). We have a rating system and users will be colored according to their rating. There are eight colors in total (except for newcomers' black and admins' purple). Can you guess what colors are used? We hope you will enjoy AtCoder Contests!