World Tour Finals 2022 Day1

Can Participate: All Rated Range: 2000 - Penalty: 5 minutes

Contest Information

Point Values

Task Score
A 500
B 1000
C 1500
D 2000
E 2500


Rank Prize
1st 500,000 JPY
2nd 200,000 JPY
3rd 100,000 JPY

Contest Rules

This contest is full-feedback (solutions are judged during the contest).

When you solve a problem, you get a score assigned to it. Competitors are ranked first by total scores, then by penalties. The penalties are computed as (the time you spend to get your current score) + (5 minutes) * (the number of incorrect attempts).

For this World Tour Finals contest, we will apply special rules. We have two contests, one for each day, and we will combine the results of the two contests to declare a champion. To reward those who advanced to the Finals multiple times, we will introduce a special tie-breaker this time: a contestant will get X points before the start of the contest where X is the number of times they advanced to the Finals.

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