practice contest

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  1. ユーザ登録を行っていない参加者は、ユーザ登録を行いましょう。
  2. その後、ログインしてください。
  3. ログイン後にコンテストトップページ下部に表示される参加ボタンを押すことで参加登録できます。



This is practice page of AtCoder

Let's practice submitting your source code before you join contest!

Before the contest

  1. Please make your account if you've not have your account yet.
  2. After that, you can sign in.
  3. Last of all, please click that button , and then you can join our contest.

Sample problem

If you've registered this practice contest, let's solve a sample problem from Tasks and submit your source code referring this tutorial.

Judge status

Our system judges your source code whether it is correct or incorrect and returns a result of yours.

Details are shown below tables. Don't forget to see these information.

Status Explanation
CE Compilation Error. Our judge system couldn't compile your code. So, your source code is incorrect.
MLE Memory Limit Exceeded. Each problems are restricted memory limit which your program can use. That is 256MB usually.
Your source code is incorrect because your source code exceeded the limit.
TLE Time Limit Exceeded. Each problems have time limit.
If execution time of your code exceeds this limit, the status of judge returns TLE.
Your source code is wrong for that reason.
RE Your source code is wrong.
OLE Your source code is wrong.
IE Your source code is wrong.
WA Your source code is wrong.
AC Your source code was accepted correctly.