Mujin Programming Challenge 2017

Can Participate: All Rated Range: All Penalty: 5 minutes

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配点を変更しましたので注意ください!詳細は本ページの下の「配点」を確認ください。NOTE:Point Values given by solving problems has changed! Please scroll down to check the details.

コンテスト開始まであと(JST)Contest Starts in (JST GMT+9)






MUJIN Programming Challenge 2017
2017年2月25日(土) 21時~23時(日本時間)
2016年のコンテストには、7カ国から約630名の参加がありました。 前回の問題 前回の順位
Mujin Programming Challenge 2017
Saturday 9PM - 11PM (Japan Standard Time, GMT+9), February 25th, 2017
Please click here for pre-registration!

Whether you are a student or not, anyone is welcome to participate!

The problems will be in both English and Japanese.

630 coders from 7 countries participated in Mujin Programming Challenge 2016.
Problems from 2016
Standings from 2016

賞金 Prizes

1位には2,000米ドル、1位から30位まで賞金をご用意しています。また上位者で弊社での仕事に興味がある方は、弊社のエンジニアと面談いただけます。 There are cash prizes for top participants. In addition, we offer on-site interviews for internships and full-time opportunities in Tokyo!

1位1st place
2,000米ドルUS $2,000
2位2nd place
700米ドルUS $700
3位3rd place
500米ドルUS $500
4位~10位4th - 10th place
300米ドルUS $300
11位~20位11th - 20th place
200米ドルUS $200
21位~30位21st - 30th place
100米ドルUS $100






ルール Rules

AtCoder's Rules apply. There will be 4 problems.

配点 Point Values

Task Score
A 900 (500)
B 1300 (300)
C 1300
D 1800

MUJINについて About Mujin

MUJINは、高度なソフトウェア技術を武器に、産業用ロボットを知能化し、産業の生産性向上や人手不足等の社会的課題の解決に貢献しています。 We are a robotics company based in Tokyo working very hard to fundamentally change manufacturing and logistics.


2014年の市場規模:約3.9兆円 → 2020年:約10兆円市場へ。

MUJINは、ロボット界隈では圧倒的なソフトウェア技術力をもつことで知られているため、シリコンバレーなどの世界を相手に仕事をするためのステップにできるでしょう。また、MUJINには、常に過去に前例がない生産工程のロボット化の案件があり、非常にエキサイティングな環境です。最新のソフトウェア技術とアルゴリズムで現実世界の問題をロボットによって解決したければ、 高い技術力だけでなく、確かなビジネスプランとビジョンを持っているMUJINで、各領域の世界レベルのエンジニアと一緒に、仕事をしましょう。

社員出身校 ・・・ CMU, MIT, スタンフォード, バークレー, Ecole Normale Superieure, 東京大学, 京都大学, 北京大学, 南洋理工大学, RISD, 清華大学他
社員の前職 ・・・ Microsoft, Qualcomm, Oracle, Iscar, Canon, Honda, Samsung, WillowGarage, AIST他 →日本人以外のほとんどの社員は、MUJINに転職するためにこれらの会社を辞め日本に移住しました。

Right now industrial robots have very advanced hardware that is often not used to full potential. What we currently call "automation" is really robots playing back motions that take a group of engineers months to design. Our team knows how to apply the state-of-the-art in robotics to make manufacturing and logistics truly autonomous.

Our team consists of world-class experts in robotics, software engineering, and manufacturing. We have alumni from top academic institutes such as CMU, MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, Ecole Normale Superieure, HKUST, the University of Tokyo, Peking University, and Tsinghua University, as well as global enterprises such as Microsoft, Qualcomm, Iscar, Honda, Samsung, and Canon. Since day one we have been iterating our products with real customers: we have revenue coming from most of the top ten Japanese manufacturers such as Canon, Honda, Nissan and Toyota, and we are partner with most of the Japanese robot makers such as Denso, Mitsubishi, Nachi, Yaskawa and Kawasaki.

With an elite team and a clear focus, Mujin is proud to be one of the first companies to deploy advanced real-time automation technologies in production. Our work is highly regarded in Japan and our autonomous real-time 3D picking system product PickWorker has won the 7th biennial Robot Award given by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. It is the most prestigious award in robotics and the first time such award is given to a start-up company.

採用カタログをダウンロード Download 2017 Mujin Recruiting Brochure to learn more about working at Mujin!

MUJINによるAskul物流センター(横浜)での世界で初めてのピッキング工程の自動化 Below is one of the PickWorkers we deployed at one of the biggest Japanese e-commerce companies' warehouse:

MUJINコントローラによる自動車鍛造部品のばら積みピッキング Here's a another video demonstrating our PickWorker handling materials in manufacturing setting:

Want to join us on this exciting journey to revolutionize automation? Please contact us to learn more about career opportunities at Mujin! Email us anytime at or fill out the form at the end of Mujin's jobs page.