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A - Project Leader wata_admin
About WA and TLE
The local tester will immediately gives an error message and exit if your program produces invalid output. On the other hand, on the judge server, WA is judged after closing the standard input and waiting for the program to stop. For this reason, if your program continues to run even after the standard input is closed, it will be judged as TLE instead of WA. Please be aware of this issue.

Sharing rules updated!
We have added a "share on twitter" function to the web visualizer.
You can share outputs for seed=0 during the contest using this function.
Comment lines will be automatically deleted when shared.
It is prohibited to share outputs for other seeds, solutions, discussions, or source code until the end of the contest.

Webビジュアライザに「share on twitter」機能が追加されました。
この機能を用いて、コンテスト期間中にも seed=0 に対する出力のみ共有が可能です。
他の seed に対する出力や解法・考察・ソースコードの共有はコンテスト終了まで禁止しております。
A - Project Leader wata_admin
The following changes have been made to the web visualizer.
・Fixed an issue where an error occurred when tasks are not completed within 2000 days or outputs contain pure comment lines.
・Fixed an issue where f's shown in "interactive input for solver" were sometimes in a wrong order.
・Fixed "interactive input for solver" to output -1 at the end.
・Fixed to ignore output after the specified number of output characters, such as trailing spaces.
・Improved the description of the "output" field.

・"interactive input for solver" に表示される f の値が正しくない順序となる場合がある問題を修正
・"interactive input for solver" の最後に -1 を出力するよう修正
・"output" 欄の説明を改良