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sanngu Sorry,this is not about any clarification for any problem.I want to say that , can relly be huge soon.Thanks for good contests. I want to say your way of pdf editoril is awesome.But also if we have english editorial for regular/beginner contets atcoder is awesome. Please do that as soon as possible. Thanks atcoder It is too hard for us to write up all editorials in English because we are not proficient in English at all. However, we are going to able to afford the time for it. And we feel so honored to hear " can really be huge soon.". Thank you. Yes
Sequential operations on Sequence tozangezan 「文字列」とは何のことですか? 「数列」の誤りでした。問題文を訂正しました。 For non-Japanese contestants: This is a clarification on the Japanese statement of the problem. Yes
L3Sota 日本語トップページの配点が全て「?」になってますが仕様でしょうか。 配点を公開しました Yes