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B - 11/11 Proofy
Why is October 10th, December 12th in the first sample not counted?
i 月 j 日の日付は、十進法で考えたとき 1 種類の数字だけで i と j の両方を表すことができる場合に限り、ゾロ目になります。例えば、10 月 10 日は i = 10, j = 10 を 2 種類の数字( 0 と 1 )で表す必要があるため、ゾロ目ではありません。 / Day j of month i is said to have a repdigit date if and only if one can represent both i and j using just one kind of digit in decimal notation. For example, October 10th is not a repdigit date, as i = 10 and j = 10, requiring two kinds of digit (0 and 1) to represent them.