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E - Somen Nagashi VIBE
Original Position for 2 will be 2 in the row???
Also at the time 2 returns if the queue is empty then will it be at first pos??
and if the queue has members then it will be at 2 pos?? 
please clarify
"Returning to the original position" means returning to the row so that the relative order of the people in the line is the same as the initial state.  For example, person 2 returns behind person 1 and in front of person 3, person 4, ..... / 「元の位置に戻ってくる」とは、列にいる人達の相対順序が最初と同じになる位置に戻ることを意味します。例えば人2は、人1の後ろ、人3,4,…の前の位置に戻ります。