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C - Digital Graffiti QCFium

マス (i, j) は i - 1 <= x <= i 及び j - 1 <= y <= jを満たす範囲を占めているとお考え下さい。


We apologize for the trouble caused by the problem statement which is not very strict.

Please consider that square (i, j) occupies the region consisting of the points satisfying i - 1 <= x <= i and j - 1 <= y <= j.
For a white square and a black square that are adjacent to each other, we consider the boundary between them to be painted black.

The phrase "Consider the part of the grid that is painted black as a polygon" means we consider the polygon such that its interior, including the circumference, matches the part painted black.
C - Digital Graffiti drogskol
n個の異なる点と、各 1 <= i <= n について i 個目の点と i + 1 個目の点を結ぶ合計 n 本の辺からなるものです。ただしn + 1個目の点と1個目の点を同一視します。


A polygon is a figure consisting of n vertices and n edges, where the i-th edge connects the i-th and (i+1)-th vertices. Here, the (N+1)-th vertex is the same vertex as the 1-st vertex.

We ask you to find the minimum value of n such that the part painted black forms an n-gon.