Weathernews Programming Competition

Can Participate: All Rated Range: - Penalty: None




  • 最優秀賞 賞金 30万円 + 基準ファイルサイズを圧縮率0%とし、圧縮率が1%上がるごとに1万円(ただし合計の上限は100万円とします) なお、基準ファイルサイズを満たすアルゴリズムが投稿されなかった場合には受賞者なしとします


  • 開催期間:2017年12月15日正午から2018年1月15日正午まで
  • 期間中何度でも挑戦可能




  • 圧縮アルゴリズムは著作権フリーである必要はありませんが、アルゴリズムを利用するにあたり第三者への利用料支払いが発生しないものとします


This competition is held by Weathernews Inc. Weather forecasts are essential information for our daily life. To provide a forecast, various types of observation data are used to generate the analysis. Satellite data is one of the largest types of data that we obtain, leading to difficulty in transferring and storing it. To solve this issue, participants will design and implement an algorithm that compresses satellite data, and the competition will be won based on the compression rate of this algorithm.


The participant who achieves the highest compression rate will be awarded. The prize will start from 300 thousand JPY, ranging up to 1 million JPY, depending on the compression rate. Compression rate is calculated with equation below. 1 – size of data compressed with original algorithm / size of data compressed with bz2 Please note that if there is no solution that outperforms the compression rate of bz2, then no participant will receive an award.


  • The submission page is available from Noon of Dec15 2017 to Noon of Jan15 2018(JST).
  • There is no limit on the number of submissions during the competition period.


  • An account holder on AtCoder may apply for this competition.
  • The algorithm that you submit to this competition does not have to be copyright-free. However, the algorithm should be royalty-free.