10th Asprova Programming Contest(AtCoder Heuristic Contest 023)

Can Participate: All Rated Range: All Penalty: None












コンテスト上位の方をアスプローバ株式会社 五反田オフィス(JR五反田駅 徒歩6分)にご招待して、表彰式・懇親会を行う予定です。

  • 日時:2023年9月22日(金) 17:30 から
  • 予定:
    • 17:00 受付開始
    • 17:30 主催者挨拶
    • 17:40 上位の方による解法の解説(10分×3名程度を予定)
    • 18:20 表彰式
    • 18:30 懇親会(食事あり)
    • 20:00 閉会
  • 対象者:参加登録フォームで表彰式・懇親会に参加希望と回答された方のうち、上位15名程度
  • 遠方の方には旅費を支給します。


  • 成績優秀者は正社員またはアルバイト(時給2,500円)採用を優遇します。


AtCoder Heuristic Contest(AHC)とは?





  • 問題は1問です。AtCoderで使用できるすべてのプログラミング言語を使用可能です。
  • 誤提出・再提出のペナルティはありませんが、解答を提出する際は前回の提出から30分以上の間隔を開ける必要があります。
  • コンテストは個人戦です。2人以上で結託し、解答する行為は禁止しております。
  • コンテスト終了前に、問題の考察や解答を公開する行為は禁止しております。ただし、提供されたツール類の動かし方に関する情報は自由に共有して構いません。
  • コンテスト中に表示されているランキングの結果は暫定的なものとなります。コンテスト終了後に暫定順位付けに用いられた入力とは別に用意されたより多くの入力に対するシステムテストを行い、その結果が最終順位となります。暫定順位付け用の入力はシステムテスト用の入力には含まれません。システムテストはCE以外の結果を得た一番最後の提出に対してのみ行われるため、最終的に提出する解答を間違えないようご注意下さい。
  • その他のルールは こちら を参照してください。


利用規約ルール用語集よくある質問 をご一読下さいませ。

Contest Information

About Asprova Corporation

Asprova Corporation is a company in Japan that develops and sells production scheduling software to factories for planning detailed workflows. Software development and headquarters are in Japan.

Asprova Corporation conducts sales and provides technical support in Japan and all over the world, including China, South Korea, South East Asia, Europe, and the United States. The company is dedicated to build the best production scheduler in the world.

Software development is done in Japan. While we make our product more handy to the users, we also study and develop optimization algorithms to solve highly complicated scheduling problem.

We are looking for world class programmers to help develop Asprova with us here in Japan.

Links to recruitment. The following contents are written only in Japanese.

Other privileges

  • The top performers will be prioritized when applying for a full time or part-time (2,500 yen per hour) job.

Links to past contests

About AtCoder Heuristic Contest(AHC)

This is a new series of programming contests that will be held regularly on AtCoder. Unlike algorithm contests such as ABC/ARC/AGC, the goal is to create a better solution to a problem for which it is difficult to find the optimal solution. For examples of problems, see past contests of similar format.

AHC will have a new rating system that is different from the existing ABC/ARC/AGC rating system. Unlike the ABC/ARC/AGC ratings, AHC will use a rating system that does not decrease even if contest performance is poor. Please feel free to participate.

We are planning to hold a long-term contest with a duration of more than a week and a short-term contest with a duration of less than a day, alternately about once a month. We plan to use the same ratings for both the long and short contests, but we may need to use different ratings, or correct the rating formula, due to the possibility of a large bias in the number of participants. For this reason, the ratings will remain in beta for a while. Contest results during the beta period will be used in the official rating. However, due to changes in the rating formula, the rating may change when the official version is released.


  • There is one problem. You can use any programming language available on AtCoder.
  • There is no penalty for resubmission, but you must wait at least 30 minutes between submissions.
  • The is an individual competition. It is prohibited to publish your solution before the end of the contest. However, you are free to share information on how to run the provided tools.
  • The ranking results displayed during the contest are provisional. After the contest is over, the system tests against more inputs will be run. The inputs used for provisional ranking will not be used for the system tests. The system test will be performed only for the last submission which received a result other than CE.
  • For other rules, see here.