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#include<bits/stdc++.h>				//Written by ThiDaiLoc
using namespace std;				//Team Three Wolves
typedef long long ll;
typedef unsigned long long ull;
typedef long double ld;
typedef pair<ll,ll> pll;
typedef pair<ll,pll> trp;
typedef vector<ll> vi;
typedef vector<pll> vp;

#define fu(i,a,b)   for(ll i=a;i<=b;i++)
#define f1(i,n)     for(ll i=1;i<=n;i++)
#define fs(i,s)     for(ll i=0;i+1<=s.length();i++)
#define fd(i,b,a)   for(ll i=b;i>=a;i--)
#define fuv(i,a)    for(ll i=0;i<a.size();i++)
#define fdv(i,a)    for(ll i=(ll)a.size()-1;i>=0;i--)
#define ms(a,x)     memset(a, x, sizeof a)
#define prec(n)     fixed<<setprecision(n)
#define uni(a)      (a).erase(unique(all(a)), (a).end())
#define pb(i)       push_back(i)
#define popb()      pop_back()
#define sc(a)       cin>>a
#define sc2(a,b)    cin>>a>>b
#define pr(a)       cout<<a<<endl
#define pr2(a,b)    cout<<a<<" "<<b<<endl
#define rpr(a)      return cout<<a<<endl,0
#define prY         cout<<"YES"<<endl
#define prN         cout<<"NO"<<endl
#define bit(n,i)    (((n)>>(i))&1)
#define lowb(a,n,x) lower_bound(a,a+n,x) -a
#define lowb2(a,x)  lower_bound(all(a),x) -a.begin()
#define all(x)      (x).begin(), (x).end()
#define sz(a)       (ll)a.size()
#define le(s)       (ll)s.length()		
#define ast(x,a,b)  assert(x>=a and x<=b)				
#define re          return 	
#define	mp(a,b)     make_pair(a,b)
#define	mp3(a,b,c)  make_pair(a,make_pair(b,c))
#define se          second
#define fi          first 
#define sse         second.second
#define sfi         second.first
#define debug(x)    cerr << #x << " = " << x << endl
#define INPUT       freopen("locin.txt", "r", stdin)
#define OUTPUT      freopen("locout.txt", "w", stdout)
inline ll isqrt(ll k) {ll r = sqrt(k) + 1; while (r * r > k) r--; return r;}
inline ll icbrt(ll k) {ll r = cbrt(k) + 1; while (r * r * r > k) r--; return r;}
inline ll mnz(ll& a,ll b){return a=(a>b?b:a);}
inline ll mxz(ll& a,ll b){return a=(a<b?b:a);}
inline string toString(ll n) {stringstream ss; ss << n;return ss.str();}
double const eps = 1e-6;
ll const Base=1e9+7,oo=1e17,MAXN=1e6;

ll A[MAXN+5];

ll Solves(){
	ll n,m,k,cnt=0,ans=0,x,y,q,c,sum=0,v,t;
	else pr(n/2-1);
	re 0;
	// Hack it if you can :)

int main(){
	if(fopen("locin.txt", "r"))INPUT;
	ll test=1;
//	sc(test);
//		cout<<"Case #"<<T<<": ";
	if (!JUDGE_ONLINE) cout << "\nTime elapsed: " << 1000 * clock() / CLOCKS_PER_SEC << "ms\n";  

Submission Info

Submission Time
Task A - Sum of Two Integers
User thidailoc
Language C++14 (GCC 5.4.1)
Score 100
Code Size 2669 Byte
Status AC
Exec Time 1 ms
Memory 256 KB

Compile Error

./Main.cpp: In function ‘int main()’:
./Main.cpp:76:34: warning: ignoring return value of ‘FILE* freopen(const char*, const char*, FILE*)’, declared with attribute warn_unused_result [-Wunused-result]
  if(fopen("locin.txt", "r"))INPUT;

Judge Result

Set Name Sample All
Score / Max Score 0 / 0 100 / 100
AC × 2
AC × 14
Set Name Test Cases
Sample sample01.txt, sample02.txt
All sample01.txt, sample02.txt, in01.txt, in02.txt, in03.txt, in04.txt, in05.txt, in06.txt, in07.txt, in08.txt, in09.txt, in10.txt, sample01.txt, sample02.txt
Case Name Status Exec Time Memory
in01.txt AC 1 ms 256 KB
in02.txt AC 1 ms 256 KB
in03.txt AC 1 ms 256 KB
in04.txt AC 1 ms 256 KB
in05.txt AC 1 ms 256 KB
in06.txt AC 1 ms 256 KB
in07.txt AC 1 ms 256 KB
in08.txt AC 1 ms 256 KB
in09.txt AC 1 ms 256 KB
in10.txt AC 1 ms 256 KB
sample01.txt AC 1 ms 256 KB
sample02.txt AC 1 ms 256 KB