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#define SZ(X) ((int)(X).size())
#define ALL(X) (X).begin(), (X).end()
#define REP(I, N) for (int I = 0; I < (N); ++I)
#define REPP(I, A, B) for (int I = (A); I < (B); ++I)
#define FOR(I, A, B) for (int I = (A); I <= (B); ++I)
#define FORS(I, S) for (int I = 0; S[I]; ++I)
#define RS(X) scanf("%s", (X))
#define SORT_UNIQUE(c) (sort(c.begin(),c.end()), c.resize(distance(c.begin(),unique(c.begin(),c.end()))))
#define GET_POS(c,x) (lower_bound(c.begin(),c.end(),x)-c.begin())
#define CASET int ___T; scanf("%d", &___T); for(int cs=1;cs<=___T;cs++)
#define MP make_pair
#define PB push_back
#define MS0(X) memset((X), 0, sizeof((X)))
#define MS1(X) memset((X), -1, sizeof((X)))
#define LEN(X) strlen(X)
#define F first
#define S second
using namespace std;
typedef long long LL;
typedef unsigned long long ULL;
typedef long double LD;
typedef pair<int,int> PII;
typedef vector<int> VI;
typedef vector<LL> VL;
typedef vector<PII> VPII;
typedef pair<LL,LL> PLL;
typedef vector<PLL> VPLL;
template<class T> void _R(T &x) { cin >> x; }
void _R(int &x) { scanf("%d", &x); }
void _R(int64_t &x) { scanf("%lld", &x); }
void _R(double &x) { scanf("%lf", &x); }
void _R(char &x) { scanf(" %c", &x); }
void _R(char *x) { scanf("%s", x); }
void R() {}
template<class T, class... U> void R(T &head, U &... tail) { _R(head); R(tail...); }
template<class T> void _W(const T &x) { cout << x; }
void _W(const int &x) { printf("%d", x); }
void _W(const int64_t &x) { printf("%lld", x); }
void _W(const double &x) { printf("%.16f", x); }
void _W(const char &x) { putchar(x); }
void _W(const char *x) { printf("%s", x); }
template<class T,class U> void _W(const pair<T,U> &x) {_W(x.F); putchar(' '); _W(x.S);}
template<class T> void _W(const vector<T> &x) { for (auto i = x.begin(); i != x.end(); _W(*i++)) if (i != x.cbegin()) putchar(' '); }
void W() {}
template<class T, class... U> void W(const T &head, const U &... tail) { _W(head); putchar(sizeof...(tail) ? ' ' : '\n'); W(tail...); }
#ifdef HOME
 #define DEBUG(...) {printf("# ");printf(__VA_ARGS__);puts("");}
 #define DEBUG(...)
int MOD = 1e9+7;
void ADD(LL& x,LL v){x=(x+v)%MOD;if(x<0)x+=MOD;}
const int SIZE = 1e6+10;
LL fac[SIZE],inv[SIZE];
LL mypow(LL x,LL y){
    LL res=1;
    return res;
LL C(int x,int y){
    if(y<0||y>x)return 0;
    return fac[x]*inv[y]%MOD*inv[x-y]%MOD;
void build(){
    for(int i=SIZE-2;i>=0;i--)inv[i]=inv[i+1]*(i+1)%MOD;
int main(){
    int N; R(N);
    else if(N==3)W(4);
    else if(N==4)W(16);
        LL res[3]={};
        LL an=0;
        for(int w=0;w<N-1;w++){
    return 0;

Submission Info

Submission Time
Task C - Painting Machines
User dreamoon
Language C++14 (GCC 5.4.1)
Score 800
Code Size 3626 Byte
Exec Time 231 ms
Memory 15872 KB

Compile Error

./Main.cpp: In function ‘void _R(int64_t&)’:
./Main.cpp:46:39: warning: format ‘%lld’ expects argument of type ‘long long int*’, but argument 2 has type ‘int64_t* {aka long int*}’ [-Wformat=]
 void _R(int64_t &x) { scanf("%lld", &x); }
./Main.cpp: In function ‘void _W(const int64_t&)’:
./Main.cpp:54:45: warning: format ‘%lld’ expects argument of type ‘long long int’, but argument 2 has type ‘int64_t {aka long int}’ [-Wformat=]
 void _W(const int64_t &x) { printf("%lld", x); }
./Main.cpp: In function ‘void _R(int&)’:
./Main.cpp:45:34: warning: ignoring return value of ‘int scanf(const char*, ...)’, declared with attribute warn_unused_result [-Wunused-result]
 void _R(int &x) { scanf("%d", &x); }
./Main.cpp: In function ‘void _R(int64_t&)’:
./Main.cpp:46:40: warning: ignoring return value of ‘int scanf(const char*, ...)’, declared with attribute warn_unused_result [-Wunused-result]

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Sample 0 / 0 sample_01.txt, sample_02.txt, sample_03.txt, sample_04.txt
All 800 / 800 sample_01.txt, sample_02.txt, sample_03.txt, sample_04.txt, sample_01.txt, sample_02.txt, sample_03.txt, sample_04.txt, subtask_1_01.txt, subtask_1_02.txt, subtask_1_03.txt, subtask_1_04.txt, subtask_1_05.txt, subtask_1_06.txt, subtask_1_07.txt, subtask_1_08.txt, subtask_1_09.txt, subtask_1_10.txt, subtask_1_11.txt, subtask_1_12.txt, subtask_1_13.txt, subtask_1_14.txt, subtask_1_15.txt, subtask_1_16.txt
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sample_01.txt 36 ms 15872 KB
sample_02.txt 36 ms 15872 KB
sample_03.txt 36 ms 15872 KB
sample_04.txt 55 ms 15872 KB
subtask_1_01.txt 36 ms 15872 KB
subtask_1_02.txt 216 ms 15872 KB
subtask_1_03.txt 192 ms 15872 KB
subtask_1_04.txt 193 ms 15872 KB
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subtask_1_15.txt 231 ms 15872 KB
subtask_1_16.txt 231 ms 15872 KB