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/*Every winner is a loser he just tried one last time*/

using namespace std;
const long long mod = 1e9+7;
const long long mx  = 1e5+5;

#define inf 			9e18
#define zero 			-9e18
#define PI   			acos(-1.0)  // 3.1415926535897932
#define Case(J) 		printf("Case %lld: %lld\n",++count,J); ///print case
#define max3(a,b,c) 		max(a,max(b,c))
#define min3(a,b,c) 		min(a,min(b,c))
#define GCD(a,b) 		__gcd(a,b)
#define LCM(a,b) 		(a*(b/__gcd(a,b) ))
#define MP 			make_pair
#define pb 			push_back
#define ppb 			pop_back()
#define pf 			push_front
#define ppf 			pop_front()
#define rev(v) 			reverse(v.begin(),v.end());
#define srt(v) 			sort(v.begin(),v.end());
#define grtsrt(v) 		sort(v.begin(),v.end(),greater<ll>());
#define hellyeah 		exit(0);
#define file 			freopen("input.txt","r",stdin);freopen("output.txt","w",stdout);
#define vmax(V) 		*max_element(V.begin(),V.end());
#define vmin(V) 		*min_element(V.begin(),V.end());
#define	debug(a) 		cout<<"*"<<a<<"$"<<endl;
#define	debug2(a,b) 		cout<<"$"<<a<<" "<<b<<"$"<<endl;
#define	debug3(a,b,c) 		cout<<"$"<<a<<" "<<b<<" "<<c<<"$"<<endl;
#define SET(X,D_type)		memset(X, D_type, sizeof(X))
#define groot(A)		{cout<<A<<endl;return;}
#define vins(V)			srt(V)V.resize(unique(V.begin(),V.end())-V.begin());
#define check           	cout<<"Avengers Assemble"<<endl;
#define	lol 			cout<<endl;
#define meem(X) 		cout<<(X?"Yes":"No")<<endl;
#define joker(V) 		for(auto X:V)cout<<X<<"\n";cout<<endl;
#define papiya(Mp) 		for(auto X:Mp)cout<<X.first<<" "<<X.second<<endl;
#define lp(i,a) 		for(ll i=0; i<a;i++)
#define lp1(i,a,b) 		for(ll i=a; i<=b;i++)
#define rlp(i,b,a) 		for(ll i=(b);i>=(a);--i) 
#define Mat(mat,N,M)		lp(i,N){lp(j,M)cout<<mat[i][j]<<" \n"[j==M-1];}
typedef long long ll;
void Loser(){ios::sync_with_stdio(0); cin.tie(0); cout.tie(0);}
ll fact(ll N){return (N<=1ll?1ll:N*fact(N-1ll));}
long long ceil(ll A,ll B){if(A%B==0)return A/B;else return (A/B)+1ll;}
long long middle(ll a, ll b, ll c) { if ((a <= b && b <= c) || (c <= b && b <= a)) return b;else if ((b <= a && a <= c) || (c <= a && a <= b))return a;else return c; } 
bool ispalindrom(string s) {transform(s.begin(),s.end(),s.begin(),::tolower);return (s[0]==s[s.size()-1]?1:0);}
bool as_second(const pair<ll,ll> &a, const pair<ll,ll> &b) {return (a.second < b.second); }//sort the vector pair in assending order according to second element
bool ds_first(const pair<ll,ll> &a, const pair<ll,ll> &b){ return (a.first > b.first);}//sort the vector pair in decending order according to first element
bool ds_second(const pair<ll,ll> &a, const pair<ll,ll> &b) {return a.second>b.second;}//sort the vector pair in decending order according to second element

/*max element in map*/
template<typename KeyType, typename ValueType> //auto max=get_max(x);
std::pair<KeyType,ValueType> get_max( const std::map<KeyType,ValueType>& x ) {//std::cout << max.first << "=>" << max.second << std::endl;  //set->max:m=*a.rbegin();min:mi=*a.begin();
  using pairtype=std::pair<KeyType,ValueType>; 
  return *std::max_element(x.begin(), x.end(), [] (const pairtype & p1, const pairtype & p2) {
        return p1.second < p2.second;//min->p1.second>p2.second

typedef deque<ll> Dq;
typedef set<ll> St;
typedef map<ll,ll> M;
typedef vector<ll> V;
typedef vector<V> VV;
typedef vector<pair<ll,ll>> VP;
typedef priority_queue<ll,vector<ll>,greater<ll>> Pq;
string str,str1,str2,str3,str4,str5,str6,str7;
char ch,ch1,ch2,ch3;
bool flag,flag1,flag2;

long long a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,l,i,j,k,m,n,o,p,q,r,s,t,u,v,w,x,y,z,test,cnt,cnt1,cnt2,cnt3,cnt4,sum,sum1,sum2,sum3,ans,ans1,ans2,ans3,ma,ma1,ma2,ma3,mi,mi1,mi2,mi3,temp,temp1,temp2,temp3,temp4;
//long double a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,l,i,j,k,m,n,o,p,q,r,s,t,u,v,w,x,y,z,cnt,cnt1,cnt2,cnt3,cnt4,sum,sum1,sum2,sum3,ans,ans1,ans2,ans3,ma,ma1,ma2,ma3,mi,mi1,mi2,mi3,temp,temp1,temp2,temp3,temp4;


void SectumSempra()
	V v;
	for(ll i=1;i*i<=n;++i)

int main()
	return 0;

Submission Info

Submission Time
Task C - Cream puff
User Perdente
Language C++ (GCC 9.2.1)
Score 300
Code Size 4509 Byte
Status AC
Exec Time 20 ms
Memory 3676 KB

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Set Name Sample All
Score / Max Score 0 / 0 300 / 300
AC × 3
AC × 26
Set Name Test Cases
Sample sample_01.txt, sample_02.txt, sample_03.txt
All hand_01.txt, hand_02.txt, hand_03.txt, hand_04.txt, hand_05.txt, hand_06.txt, hand_07.txt, hand_08.txt, hand_09.txt, hand_10.txt, hand_11.txt, hand_12.txt, hand_13.txt, hand_14.txt, hand_15.txt, hand_88.txt, hand_99.txt, random_01.txt, random_02.txt, random_03.txt, random_04.txt, random_05.txt, random_06.txt, sample_01.txt, sample_02.txt, sample_03.txt
Case Name Status Exec Time Memory
hand_01.txt AC 19 ms 3548 KB
hand_02.txt AC 16 ms 3644 KB
hand_03.txt AC 15 ms 3500 KB
hand_04.txt AC 14 ms 3560 KB
hand_05.txt AC 15 ms 3432 KB
hand_06.txt AC 14 ms 3612 KB
hand_07.txt AC 18 ms 3552 KB
hand_08.txt AC 15 ms 3560 KB
hand_09.txt AC 20 ms 3608 KB
hand_10.txt AC 16 ms 3600 KB
hand_11.txt AC 19 ms 3612 KB
hand_12.txt AC 11 ms 3584 KB
hand_13.txt AC 13 ms 3676 KB
hand_14.txt AC 12 ms 3564 KB
hand_15.txt AC 11 ms 3544 KB
hand_88.txt AC 14 ms 3616 KB
hand_99.txt AC 3 ms 3608 KB
random_01.txt AC 7 ms 3640 KB
random_02.txt AC 2 ms 3656 KB
random_03.txt AC 19 ms 3636 KB
random_04.txt AC 2 ms 3644 KB
random_05.txt AC 9 ms 3592 KB
random_06.txt AC 2 ms 3432 KB
sample_01.txt AC 2 ms 3648 KB
sample_02.txt AC 2 ms 3544 KB
sample_03.txt AC 3 ms 3636 KB